Saturday, December 31, 2011

Kimee And Hedge

My daughter and her boyfriend are travelling around Asia right now, with the scooter being their main means of exploring where they end up. Kimee told me there is a road in Thailand that I HAVE TO DO.
This is their BLOG

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Epic Ride!

Duffy Lake 2007
I think there was a Scott Pommier Street Chopper spread on this ride

Von Zippers

My favourite band in the whole world has a new 7" out... Releases are very few and far between (semi-retirement!). So anything new is awesome! Love the VZ!

Wheelie Wednesday

Friday, December 16, 2011

Help Out Our Communist Brothers?

The Motorcycho house band, The Vicious Cycles, are getting ready to head to Cuba in the new year to play a bunch of shows around Cuba. Rumour has it the HD/Sickle community are embracing their arrival and will be en masse at a couple of the shows!  the VCMC are wanting to take down some bike bits to help some brothers out. If you have ever seen any programs or articles on how the Cubans keep the 50+ year old American bikes and cars on the road... absolute brilliance!
Here is a list of requests:

bujias[spark plugs]    platinos[points]    tapa de tanque de gasolina[gas
tank caps]    condensador[condensors]   bobina[coils 12 v]
emblemas[emblems to put on the bike]  ,  rodamientos[bearing, gasket
material, wire.

Harleys in Cuba are all pre-60

Kinda short notice but if you have anything and you would like to help out... give us an email and let us know. The VCMC leave on January 5th so...


Could be a fun time, with a little help from Mr. Rich Hope

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Seen Around Town

J.P. Patches

When I was a kid, every morning was spent watching JP Patches on TV while I was getting ready for school. He was the best! Last night he was on PBS doing a fundraiser and making his very final appearance as JP, some 50+ years later! Thanks JP!

Boris S. Wart (2nd meanest man in the world) was one of the characters and wore a RatFink hat!