Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Was kind of weird how mellow the Bonhams auction was compared to the Mid-America Auction. Super mellow and less flashy. Probably easier for the first time person wanting to maybe buy a bike  at an auction. Unless you were wanting to buy a pre-war knuck. Then you probably didn't have enough money!

Valued at 40-60k... ended up going for 150k!

Bike in a box

WR talk

I'm starting to have a fascination with Eastern Euro bikes!

A gaggle of Ducs

the Mystery Man!

maybe chrome will get you home... at least polished aluminum!

K-models are the new Knuckleheads!

Bullitt Jacket!


BSA make some of the best Cafe Racers!

Whatever this it too!

Rad Sidecar



Cool sign!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Dirt Quake 3

Dirt Quake is getting bigger and Bigger and BIGGER... and will soon be here in North America!
Details to follow.
in the meantime...


Looks like the VCMC are coming down you way!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Me and Evel

Vegas was great but the hi-lite had to be being able to see some rad Evel stuff and talk 
with George Sedlak, the guy who painted most of Evels bikes and helmets.

One of Evels jump bikes. Can't remember which jump it was from.

The real deal... Iconic leathers and helmet

Fakes but the Evel spirit was the same

Tribute helmet Sedlak painted for something
(I really should take notes!)

Dave said I should ask to try on the helmet, so next time we went by we asked.
"No" was the answer... he had paid close to $80,000 for this one,
one of the last helmets Evel used to jump with.
But Dave wouldn't take no for an answer and proceeds to show the dude my Evel helmet tattoo.
After that, the photo shoot began!

Me and Evel share the same sweat!

Barn find American Eagle (Laverda) Evel jump bike
asking price: $20000

George Hamiltons personal Evel Sporty

Latham is an ex-skater dude who has used his money wisely - buying over 20,000 pieces of Evel memorabilia! This just came in the day we were there. Actually signeage from Evels first jump, where he jumped 2 cougars and a bunch of snakes!

Monday, January 13, 2014


There will be a lot of Vegas pictures this week. Spent the last 4 days taking in the Las Vegas Motorcycle Auctions and Flattrack racing weekend! Totally sensory overload!
These 2 Honda CZ100  went for 17000 and 12000 
(not sure which went for what)

"I Roll The Dice" - VCMC

Album Cover of the Week

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wheelie Wednesday

Shooting Tanks

Grant Robinson made the trek down to the lower mainland do do some tank and helmet photos for an upcoming series he is working on!. What better place than Myk Rocs garage with his awesome collection of Helmets!