Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blatant Product Endorsement

Sometimes you get these emails offering you something for nothing, or a discount and you just ignore it and send it to the trash bin. Lately I've been saying... "sure, send me something". That's what I did with Jafrum. They lured me into trying there online store and I did! Everyone seems to have a favourite online sickle shack they like to use to buy tires, helmets, boots etc... I've used Motorcycle Superstore in the past. I gave Jafrum a shot and picked up a pair of the ICON Elsinore boots. The service was fast and the boots are pretty sexy! I think my riding skills may have gone up a notch just by wearing these.
Looking for an everything you need online shop? Maybe add Jafrum to your list. 

Loot Box

Long time reader and all-round swell dude, Reno Karl, periodically will clean up his amazingly cluttered house and send me some stuff. Such a box arrived today!. Thx buddy!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


We published an interview with Jamie Morris a couple issue ago. 
Looks like the DVD will finally be released! Stay tuned!

Order it HERE

Since the late 1970s, Bosozoku biker gangs have cruised Japan's streets and battled rival gangs on thunderous, customized bikes. Infamous for their kamikaze-style flight suits, their use of nationalist imagery and their customized motorcycles, these young bikers form a distinctive sub-culture in one of the most conformist societies in the world, earning them a place as public enemy number one. 

"Sayonara Speed Tribes" is the story of Hazuki, the legendary leader of the infamous Specter gang that ruled much of Tokyo in the 1990s. Now retired, with few options outside the criminal underworld, he clings to the Bosozoku tradition and mentors a fresh crop of less-than-enthusiastic gangsters. Hazuki's journey, set against the backdrop of the Bosozoku's final days, offers viewers a unique insight into a colorful but little-known and fading sub-culture of Japan. The documentary explores Bosozoku tradition and history by combing striking footage of bike runs with interviews of police, academics and the Bosozoku themselves. 
Hazuki's story is a haunting reminder that, for some us, the best days are quite possibly in the past.  


Wheelie Wednesday

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Looks like the boys overseas are taking a step backwards 
and going for the simple Black and White look!
Guess that last full colour Motorcycho gave them a bit of a scare! 

Friday, March 15, 2013

New Tees

Email us or visit our Store (see side bar). Dig?

Bike For Sale

Is this how they do it in New Zealand?

Hi. I’m Suzi. I’m a GN250. I’m the motorbike of your dreams.

The guy in the pictures with me is my owner. I taught him how to drive a motorbike. I took his fat ass everywhere. I carried him and his girlfriend to many awesome places. I even taught her to drive a bit too. Everyday when he needed me to go to work, to the supermarket, or to go and have brunch by the beach, I was there. EVERYDAY. Now, all of the sudden, he wants a car. Pft. Apparently I’m no good to carry a drum kit around. A ridiculous point, but I got the message. After a heated argument and a couple tears, I decided it was time to find a new fat ass to drive me.

I'm a great learners and commute bike. I have a smooth ride, a mint engine and I don’t drink much. I have a current WOF(10/04/13) and Rego(21/05/13). But I’m an old lady and I require some care. My engine gaskets need replacement. My brake light is temperamental. My chain need constant lubing and is a bit rough. Nothing that imposes any risk to anyone, but things that need attention. I have a few scratches, rusty patches and a few loose bits. They are all scars from a fully lived life. A life of joy and simplicity. An awesome life. You'll have to take care of me to deserve what I can give you.

You might be the type that like Yamaha R1s, the Bon Jovi of motorbikes. Me, no. I’m Jack Black. I rock hard, I have fun and everyone loves me.
Harley Davidsons? They can be Sylvester Stallone with a red band on his head. I’m Samuel L. Jackson holding a mothef***in’ Smith & Wesson Model 60 drinking whisky and having a cigarette in a cheap bar.
You might even like the newer GN250s and GN125s there are cruising around. To me, they are a cheap chinese Kim Kardashian. I’m a middle aged Marilyn Monroe, in a red suit having a cocktail at a mediterranean beach.

I’m tough. I’m fun. I’m awesome.

If you want to check me out and have a chat txt me. I’m always in town during weekdays, so don’t be shy.

(No animals were hurt during the making of this shoots. Hot model not included.)

Swazi Pipes

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More "Let Em Breathe"

A Mortuary is a great place for a Sickle show.
Small quiet rooms full of rad cool local bikes!

This sparkly 350 was a huge hit... with my wife!

Best of show... and some others

Aarons rad Trump

$60. Use only once! Kirk Sheppard

Myks Pan

Booger Sugar

Free Blow

Room 1

Youzers! More on this baby!