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Breakfast of Champions!

7-11 Taquitos and Tallboy PBR.... sooper tastey!

Holy Sickle Bat dude!

Coming Home!

Thought it would be nice to have my 50th post be the fact that my oldest is coming home after a year in Australia! XXXOOO

Oyster Run 2

A few good things... very few

Oyster Run

WHAT THE HELL ARE THESE? I saw them everywhere!

Probably thought I was taking a picture of his bike because I 'liked' it!

I hate those masks!

Doo-rag anyone?

A yearly one day occurence in Anacortes Washington. Probably one of the largest single day gatherings of sickles. 15 - 20,000 ? And yet it's pretty much all the same! I don't remember seeing one SOHC 750 Honda, or anything unique. Lots of HD though! Lots of ugliness.

Album Cover of the Week

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Easy Rider 2!



The long awaited prequel to one of the highest grossing independent films of all time. "Easy Rider" defined the thoughts and values of a generation. The Prequel "Easy Rider: The Ride Back" shows through flashbacks how these much loved characters became the classic icons of a generation.

Millions of fans around the world know the throb of the Captain America Harley Davidson, the roar of that great 60s music, the thrill of the open road. Now a whole new generation can experience the same sense of freedom through these modern day road rebels in "Easy Rider: The Ride Back".

Moto Champ

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Leftover Davenport Pics

Get yours before they are gone!

To commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Elvis Presley’s triumphant return to live performances in Las Vegas in 1969, Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. (EPE) and Graceland Harley-Davidson are offering a special edition 2009 Harley-Davidson Street Glide with Elvis imagery and additional extras worthy of the King of Rock ‘n” Roll.

From the front fender to the rear wheel, the world has never seen a bike like the Vegas Elvis Harley-Davidson Street Glide with its customized Elvis packaging. This limited-edition motorcycle offered by Graceland Harley-Davidson and Bruce Rossmeyer’s Southern Thunder Harley-Davidson and licensed by EPE will pay tribute to Elvis’ record breaking engagements in Las Vegas starting in the summer of 1969. When he opened at the International Hotel for a four-week, 57-show engagement, it broke all existing Las Vegas attendance records. Iconic imagery of Elvis’ Las Vegas performances will be found on the fuel tank, front and rear fenders, fairing and saddlebags. This bike also offers plenty of “bling” for buyers with custom wheels and seat, LED lights and a chrome package worthy of a king. To make the deal even sweeter, a limited-edition St. Blues Bluesmaster Guitar, customized to reflect the look of the motorcycle, will also be included with each of the five limited-edition motorcycles. The Vegas Elvis Harley-Davidson and St. Blues Guitar feature custom paint from O’s Custom Paint of Memphis. Both the motorcycle and guitar will be numbered to reflect their unique, collectible status and certificates of authenticity will also be provided by EPE. The bikes and guitars will be numbered in coordinated sets.

Buyers of the limited edition motorcycle and guitar will also be treated to a once-in-a-lifetime bike delivery experience during the 2009 Holiday Lighting Ceremony in Memphis.

These limited-edition bikes and the exciting delivery package are available for $50,731.69. For more information or details on the Vegas Elvis Harley-Davidson Street Glide, call Southern Thunder Harley-Davidson at 662-349-1099.

Alicia Dean

Media Assistant

Elvis Presley Enterprises