Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Desktop Cleanup

Some random photos on the computer desktop

He seems prepared for the inevitable!

vintage fmx


What is this doing here?!?


the perfect childhood!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Seen On The Road - Part 3

World Class beer!

Folk Art

Flying Lobsters

Angry Waffles

Stopped by a little cycle shop in Wilmot called
Rose Cycles. Had a nice chat with Zack.
Heather bought some glasses and had a chat 
with a lady with 2 Johnny Pag tattoos!

Album Cover of the Week

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cape Breton / Cabot Trail

Cape Breton is where the Cabot Trail is.

Just as we were going to start the trail it started to POUR!
Change of plans... head to Baddeck for the night

Next day... pouring more! But we must continue so over to Louisbourg
I felt like Guy Martin crossing this bridge, the wind was so bad I was almost dragging a knee!

Stopped at Walmart for some rain gear and continued to Louisbourg

Pretty amazing Fort. A french colony used it to fish and ship Cod back to France

The long way back was awesome. Quiet back road and sunshine!

And beach!

Next day was spectacular and we were on the road early for a long day of twisties!

The Road Begins

Cabot Trail pioneers grave. Couldn't read most of them


More wow!

Thatched house in middle of nowhere

Cheticamp. Ignorant at how much French is spoken on the East Coast!

If you ever get a chance to ride Cabot Trail there are some good websites you can check out

Locals Only

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Seen On The Road: Part 1

Never travel without my latest issue of Sideburn!

Gift from our N.S. Hosts

Some Cape Breton reading material

Wet Leathers and Cold Beers!

Roadside Cafe. Onion Rings and a Cola

Roadside Trailer in the middle of nowhere serving cheap Fish and Chips!

Paying Anne of Green Gables some respect!

Green Gable Mints!

Mmmmm Lobster Chips!