Monday, April 30, 2012

Tsunami Harley

Supposedly washed up on beach in British Columbia

My Favourite Bike...

from yesterday


Future Flattrack Superstar!


Swamp Meet

The problems with getting a table at a swap meet is you miss all the cool stuff going on outside. 
The good thing is you get first dibs on neat stuff!

Album Cover Of The Week

sorry... it's actually a CD cover, but technically still an album cover

Monday, April 23, 2012

Record Store Day

our cool local record store, Neptoon Records, puts on the best in-store shows around. VCMC have played whenever we can. Ben and Rob and company put out tan amazing food and drink spread for the bands! They even had MC parking only! Rad dudes! Super Fun Times!

I actually didn't take that many pics for some reason
more here THRASHER


DIecutting Stickers

It's all in house baby!!!!

Special Day

The VCMC were playing Record Store Day on Saturday so me and my son rode in together, me on the Guzzi and him riding my 550. Ive had the 550 since brand new in 77. The bike is filled with teen biking memories. It's a bike I can never see my self selling. And I got goosebumps looking over at Jared riding beside me on the 550. He's is going to ride it this season so I hope to get some pics of me and him riding!

Album Cover Of The Week

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Desktop Cleanup

Supreme coolness

old dirt bikes are the best!

Seattle has backfire, Vancouver has...

'59 Panhead

One of the most awesome pictures ever


I put that 7" out along time ago!

another cool Virago???? WTF!