Monday, June 20, 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Seattle does this monthly hangout called BackFire. Up here in V-town we are all envious. Instead of rioting, Bill D decided to skip work and roll down to check it out!

Well... That Was A Let Down!

but here is some things to look forward to!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Game Seven!

Well... it all comes down to one game! The greatest event in all of sports, a game seven Stanley Cup Final! Two months of do or die hockey brings us to this point!

Mt. Baker

Me and my wife road up Mt. Baker Sunday morning. Started with a nice quiet, lonely ride along the Chukanut ( a great twisty road in Bellingham that if you go early enough has no cars on it!). Grooving along to the twisties we find out at the end it's a "Toll Road". We pay our 195$ toll and continue on to Mom's Cafe in Sedro Wooley for a nice breakfast. Then up hwy 9 towards Sumas, ducking onto a sideroad that is usually a great rural ride but... a cop pulled ahead of us and we were paranoid he was waiting around every corner so... had to take it slow! Finally the road up to Mt. Baker. Like any mountain road, fast and twisty with some serious curves near the end. And.... ALOT OF SNOW!

Road just ENDED!

Some of the view

Monday, June 13, 2011

Minibike Racing

Issue #25 has a great article on Ed Radlauer written by his son. The Radlauers wrote kids books on motorsports, with a few of them being on minibikes. Mini Bike racing was big back in the late 60s / early 70s. Things always start of so pure then get complicated! ChicoMoto Troy sent me a pic of what looks like some minibike racing! But, then again, maybe it's just a minibike show and shine.

Limited Time Offer

Could be over tonight
$20 Tattoo
courtesy of Trike Mike at LadyLuck Tattoo

Pure Evil!

Setting up a radar on a quiet, lonely twisty road, famous for motorcycles, on a early sunday morning when no one is on the road and you are coming out of a bunch of very motorcycle friendly twisties! Cop was a dud. I bet he was a golfer!!!

Mmmmm Breakfast

we hit up a couple of great little "greasy spoons" on the weekend
The Hilltop Cafe (Fraser Highway) has been around for 65 years. Great place, great food, good prices!
Mom's Cafe we stumbled on while heading towards Sedro Wooley in Washington. Small house with 'mom' in the kitchen cooking up a storm. Awesome Eats!