Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mt. Baker

Me and my wife road up Mt. Baker Sunday morning. Started with a nice quiet, lonely ride along the Chukanut ( a great twisty road in Bellingham that if you go early enough has no cars on it!). Grooving along to the twisties we find out at the end it's a "Toll Road". We pay our 195$ toll and continue on to Mom's Cafe in Sedro Wooley for a nice breakfast. Then up hwy 9 towards Sumas, ducking onto a sideroad that is usually a great rural ride but... a cop pulled ahead of us and we were paranoid he was waiting around every corner so... had to take it slow! Finally the road up to Mt. Baker. Like any mountain road, fast and twisty with some serious curves near the end. And.... ALOT OF SNOW!

Road just ENDED!

Some of the view


matt machine said...

holy jesus...that is crazy....i thought it was cold here.

TXDENNIS said...

shoulda brought the tire chains... hah

splittheearlyyears said...

if that happened here in Ohio, school buses, trucks and cars would have plowed into it!