Monday, May 30, 2011

Duffy 2011

It was time for our inaugural Duffy Lake Road Ride
It was out anniversary so we took the long way into Whistler
and... of course, we woke up to pouring rain
but, I was determined to be on the road before 8

I seem to crouch alot when we take our picture together so I don't get my head chopped off

Breakfast in Boston Bar. Their MayDay parade was taking place. It was over not long after it started. We ate breakfast. We were the only ones there.

An hour to Lilloett and the beginning of the Duffy Lake Road. 100+ km and we only had to pass one car!
We had a snowball fight here

Super Scenic and twisty ride.... almost perfect!

Found another great twisty road in Brackendale (Eagle Capital of the World)

600+ kms of almost all twistys! Riding B.C Rules!
and let's not forget Liquorice and Dark Beer!
More Here

Car Swap Finds

The Avon bottle was full... smelling good!

Album Cover Of the Week

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

17 years ago Today

Greg Adams scored in double overtime to send the Canucks to the Stanley Cup finals
Tonight they can do it again!!!!


Fire Bad

Ol' Scottie took his time and made best of his resources to make a beautiful custom Pan back in 1977. During his trial run from Dayton Ohio to West Virginia he was well pleased with the performance and looks of his scooter. Then after a few hundred miles he rode it home turned off the engine and heard a powerful backfire!
His bike blew off the carburetor (foreground) and ignited the gas burning his cool scoot to ruins. Note the remains of his helmet on the sissy bar, charred seat, paint etc. Ol' Scott came over and gave me this picture, quoting "If you ever get bored, look at this photo. It'll make you laugh!" Well, it really wasn't that funny, but it makes for a great story years to come!

Martin "Split-the Early Years"

Friday, May 20, 2011

Summer is Here!

well not really... long weekend and its supposed to be NOT sunny
but... Damn You Weather... we are gonna ride anyhow!