Thursday, January 28, 2010

Von Zipper

My friend AL Von Zipper likes to garage sale. And every year he makes a compilation CD of all the cool tracks from all the albums he picked up that year. I got his latest in the mail yesterday. Along with the new DicE. I'll be grabbing a cold Lucky and doing some reading (well... more looking) and listening!

Monday, January 25, 2010


Vicious Cycles Motorcycle Club

One More Race

Random Weekend-ness

Organized Guzzi bits, getting ready to put tranny back in!

Tidied up garage a bit

Helped get ready for Hockey Day in Canada this saturday (Annual Table Hockey Tourny)

Spent Saturday watching Barrett-Jackson and drinking beer

Listened to some 8-tracks

Rawk 'n Racing

Thursday Night at the Vancouver Motorcycle SHow

Album Cover of the Week

Vancouver Motorcycle Show

They let us race and play loud rock in the back....
Pretty much left us alone all night!

VCMC, NFMC, MUMC, Scorpions FTC, East VanRats

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Barrett-Jackson Auction


Summary: Engine-out, frame-up restoration. Great for museum or private collector and is street legal. A huge crowd pleaser.
Details: This is a great replica of the Batcycle used on the hit TV show Batman. This Batcycle was built from a 1966 Yamaha YDS3-250, the same bike as used on the TV show. It has a frame-up restoration and the motor was taken out and gone through. Everything has been either painted, polished or chromed, new rims, spokes, new old style tires, accurate decals, paint scheme and pin stripped by hand. This bike is street legal. Great for a museum or private collector. This is a huge crowd pleaser.

note: That's a go-cart in the sidecar!