Tuesday, May 29, 2012


How you see a bunch of customs and vintage high dollar bikes, 
yet you gravitate to something small and cool!

Monday, May 28, 2012


Riding up to Whistler is a popular Vancouver day ride, but... 
another 70km will get you to a little town called D'Arcy, about 50km out of Pemberton

It's a great twisty quiet road that deadends at a beautiful lake, I think it is Seton Lake

There were these 5 cabins that use to be there, 3 are gone, and 2 are wrecked
but there were still decks and a beautiful view of the lake.
An amazing piece of property!

View from the deck.

There was one little store in D'Arcy. We didn't go in so 
I'm not sure if you can buy a cold beer and go sit by the lake.

29 Years!

That's how long me and my wife have been married! Wow... that sounds old!
We decided to ride up to Whistler (and beyond) for our anniversary.
Heathers first 'long' ride on her bike (250cc)
She is such a great rider (although I can't get her to split lanes yet!)

On our way up the Sea to Sky. 
The one good thing about the Olympic games being in Whistler a few years back 
is the work they did on this road. It's pretty great now!

Lunch in Squamish. Beer for me only!

Lots of people still Skiing/Boarding. 

This was our dinner the first night there!
No expense spared!

Album Cover Of The Week

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Let's Ride

That's what my daughter said last week, 
so we hopped on the BMW and did a 2 day ride up into the interior of BC.

Let's roll!

Picnic by the river


Evening pipe smoke and coffee by the lake

Lonely twisty, deserted roads!

even.. SNOW!

Home... a little wet, but happy!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sold Out

The much coveted Motorcycho Pocket Protectors are all SOLD OUT

Born Loser T-shirts available at Born Loser Blog

Hang Em High

Wall Art

First you get the flag, then you make the trip!
(I'm halfway there!)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Like I was back in 78


This weekend was like the first day of summer! Spectacular!
Let's hope this summer is awesome!
Put the Pan on the road

Motorcycles should be allowed EVERYWHERE

Went for an afternoon ride with the wife and the son!

Weekend Part 1

Me and Mikee went to the Evaporators Video shoot for "Hot Dog High". Fun times, lots of free hotdogs! Nardwuar always brings a good time! Evaporators featured in new issue of Motorcycho!

Here's an older video that me and my son were in