Thursday, May 28, 2009

from the Brit Chopper Garage

I think these all belong to Shawn of Brit Chopper Magazine

"The red beezer has been with me since I was 17 yrs old and has seen many changes over the years and is currently waiting for a bottom end rebuild once the Indian has been finished. The Indian has a stroked 741 engine in a custom frame with a weird set of leaf girders and is slowly being built. The flamed Sunbeam has sadly been sold before completion as I needed the funds for a Ford Pop pickup project I'm currently building. I do have another couple of Panthers, a 250 and a 600 in boxes in several sheds and I also have a NSU inline 4 car engine (as used in the Munch Mammoth) which is going to be shoehorned into a bike frame sometime in the future."

Brit Chopper

BRIT CHOPPER MAGAZINE. Seen it a while ago then never heard anything more. They got a bunch of issues out now!

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here are a few i have from my club days in the 70' a bunch more but will have to dig them out....check out the one with my club against another 1%er club in tug of war.....we even managed to settle some of our petty problems back then with stuff like that....i miss the hell out of those days...some of these are pretty lame sorry about that....i am trying to find the one of a shitload of our bikes parked out in front of our favorite bar back then....its really cool it shows like so many different front ends etc that we ran back then and almost all of the bikes were pans with one knuck and a few newer shovels in the mix....hope you can use some of these....thanks... Grumpy.