Thursday, May 28, 2009

from the Brit Chopper Garage

I think these all belong to Shawn of Brit Chopper Magazine

"The red beezer has been with me since I was 17 yrs old and has seen many changes over the years and is currently waiting for a bottom end rebuild once the Indian has been finished. The Indian has a stroked 741 engine in a custom frame with a weird set of leaf girders and is slowly being built. The flamed Sunbeam has sadly been sold before completion as I needed the funds for a Ford Pop pickup project I'm currently building. I do have another couple of Panthers, a 250 and a 600 in boxes in several sheds and I also have a NSU inline 4 car engine (as used in the Munch Mammoth) which is going to be shoehorned into a bike frame sometime in the future."

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