Tuesday, February 19, 2019

One Show... Part 2

Movie Night

We even have our own box at SeeSee!

Storage ideas

Beauty mini Flattracker!

Nice Desert racer

Kooky tank shift

Nice pair of Cafes

Clean CB350 

Can you imagine doing 200 mph like this?
Twin engine Ducati

VCMC: playing the songs of their people

And... we are back!

Portland, Toronto, Hamilton... our last couple weeks have been hectic.
Let's start with some random One Show pics.

The Pickle Factory
Thx Indian... cool way to store bikes!

I may have left a little drool on this Kawasaki

Wow... a ton of work on a small bike!

Man cave heaven!

Crazy BSA with lots of neat features!

Never get tired of this yellow

Came home to snow and thought... many I wish I had that Triumph!

My favourite bike of the show!

My 2nd favourite bike 

classy CB750

My vote in the mini chop off

but this was a close 2nd

grungey Eldo

Rock and/or Roll!