Monday, September 28, 2009

Oyster Run

WHAT THE HELL ARE THESE? I saw them everywhere!

Probably thought I was taking a picture of his bike because I 'liked' it!

I hate those masks!

Doo-rag anyone?

A yearly one day occurence in Anacortes Washington. Probably one of the largest single day gatherings of sickles. 15 - 20,000 ? And yet it's pretty much all the same! I don't remember seeing one SOHC 750 Honda, or anything unique. Lots of HD though! Lots of ugliness.


FLOUNDER said...

in the top pic they are called biker whips or traffic adjusters its a weapon for bikes thats been around for a long time

The Vicious Cycles said...

they look gay!

LUCKY said...

Very old biker tool for retards in cages right with ballpeen hammers! Love that show i've got to get back up there but with a rug rat its hard!!

750 Chris said...

I agree with the VC, very gay. In fact very very gay.
We laugh at them everytime we some one. Its like a faggy pony tail. I'm a biker but if some ass hit my car with something like that I'd be pretty pissed. No matter how you slice it. A car will win in a fight against bike everytime.