Monday, September 14, 2009

I Dont' Care, Let's Ride! (Two)

Me and Billy and Jared went for a ride up the Sunshine Coast on the weekend. Easy, beautiful, fun ride. Got a little more exciting when Jareds bike died as well rolled into the ferry lineup. We quickly figure out the problem and do a make-shift repair to get him on the ferry. Ride gets more exciting when he rolls onto ferry on smoking and on fire! We spend the 30 minute ferry ride seeing if we can repair his fried wiring harness. Fortunately there was a guy on the ferry who had almost everything we needed to get it almost fixed. We had to push his bike off the ferry at the other end but 15 minutes later we were back on the road! We meet great people the whole ride up. Funny how crappy/kooky bikes attract attention from all kinds. Super awesome ride!

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