Friday, March 15, 2013

Bike For Sale

Is this how they do it in New Zealand?

Hi. I’m Suzi. I’m a GN250. I’m the motorbike of your dreams.

The guy in the pictures with me is my owner. I taught him how to drive a motorbike. I took his fat ass everywhere. I carried him and his girlfriend to many awesome places. I even taught her to drive a bit too. Everyday when he needed me to go to work, to the supermarket, or to go and have brunch by the beach, I was there. EVERYDAY. Now, all of the sudden, he wants a car. Pft. Apparently I’m no good to carry a drum kit around. A ridiculous point, but I got the message. After a heated argument and a couple tears, I decided it was time to find a new fat ass to drive me.

I'm a great learners and commute bike. I have a smooth ride, a mint engine and I don’t drink much. I have a current WOF(10/04/13) and Rego(21/05/13). But I’m an old lady and I require some care. My engine gaskets need replacement. My brake light is temperamental. My chain need constant lubing and is a bit rough. Nothing that imposes any risk to anyone, but things that need attention. I have a few scratches, rusty patches and a few loose bits. They are all scars from a fully lived life. A life of joy and simplicity. An awesome life. You'll have to take care of me to deserve what I can give you.

You might be the type that like Yamaha R1s, the Bon Jovi of motorbikes. Me, no. I’m Jack Black. I rock hard, I have fun and everyone loves me.
Harley Davidsons? They can be Sylvester Stallone with a red band on his head. I’m Samuel L. Jackson holding a mothef***in’ Smith & Wesson Model 60 drinking whisky and having a cigarette in a cheap bar.
You might even like the newer GN250s and GN125s there are cruising around. To me, they are a cheap chinese Kim Kardashian. I’m a middle aged Marilyn Monroe, in a red suit having a cocktail at a mediterranean beach.

I’m tough. I’m fun. I’m awesome.

If you want to check me out and have a chat txt me. I’m always in town during weekdays, so don’t be shy.

(No animals were hurt during the making of this shoots. Hot model not included.)

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