Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blatant Product Endorsement

Sometimes you get these emails offering you something for nothing, or a discount and you just ignore it and send it to the trash bin. Lately I've been saying... "sure, send me something". That's what I did with Jafrum. They lured me into trying there online store and I did! Everyone seems to have a favourite online sickle shack they like to use to buy tires, helmets, boots etc... I've used Motorcycle Superstore in the past. I gave Jafrum a shot and picked up a pair of the ICON Elsinore boots. The service was fast and the boots are pretty sexy! I think my riding skills may have gone up a notch just by wearing these.
Looking for an everything you need online shop? Maybe add Jafrum to your list. 

1 comment:

Patrick Flynn said...

Definitlely like the look. How do they feel?