Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Was kind of weird how mellow the Bonhams auction was compared to the Mid-America Auction. Super mellow and less flashy. Probably easier for the first time person wanting to maybe buy a bike  at an auction. Unless you were wanting to buy a pre-war knuck. Then you probably didn't have enough money!

Valued at 40-60k... ended up going for 150k!

Bike in a box

WR talk

I'm starting to have a fascination with Eastern Euro bikes!

A gaggle of Ducs

the Mystery Man!

maybe chrome will get you home... at least polished aluminum!

K-models are the new Knuckleheads!

Bullitt Jacket!


BSA make some of the best Cafe Racers!

Whatever this it too!

Rad Sidecar



Cool sign!

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salamkool said...

Motocycho seems to be the Best Identity of Motor Cycles and because it has the Real Signs with the Potographs. Nice.