Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Split: The Early Years

I mentioned a few blogs ago about a book I read over the summer called Split: The Early Years. A Psychodelic Motorcycle Adventure. I couldnt' put this thing down. Martin, the author, recently sent me some pictures from his 60's Sickle adventure. More in the next issue of Motorcycho. Until then, pick up a copy and read it yourself!


Unknown said...

This is one of the best books I have ever read. The chapters are short and that is great for my ADD problem. I laughed alot and admire how these pepole made it with little or no money but they had
spirt and drive. They didn't complain when it rained when they had little to eat,they just had fun. I know alot of people that always wanted to do something like they did but never had the guts. When they read the book they remember when they were young the thing they wanted to do but never did.

Read the book and take a trip and have sonme fun!!!

splittheearlyyears said...

Cool, the group foto was taken in Toledo Ohio in 1970. Durring a breakdown, me and Pete cruised around and picked up a couple chicks. One of the girls took this foto before we split from Toledo, only to have more breakdowns.