Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Half the fun is just trying to get there!

from Mike P.

jeff (sbs choppers) had a bad leak and lost a fender on the way here. so we fixed that while waiting for ryan to show. ryans bike wasnt going so he drove out to borrow my bros bike to rep opies work... ryan gets there cool. a pack of banchees screamin to the freeway. this was now about 630. opie breaks a throttle cable..... toms tank has a pin hole leak. not enough to turn around. we go rip around to get supplies to replace the cable... after 6 on a saturday in the suburbs?!? i dont think so. dez rapes her mountain bike. but by the time everything is rolling its after 8. ryans babysitter has a life too. he was banking on a earlier stay. instead of farewells at the freeway we decide to keep the pack together and ride ryan back. the laughs are great and rolling in numbers cant be beat. have a coffee. head out. need gas etc. some how a hissing tyre has joined in our little group. FUCK IT! we roll. its now getting dark. buy the time we are back on the freeway. ive noticed a diffrence in my bike performance. the new 2 halogen headlight combo. was either drawing to hard or wired up wrong... im happy to take that blame. lets push on. i decide to stop pushing at the 176 crossing... so i have enough to get home without actually pushing haha. but now pauls bike wont start. at all. good thing ryan went home early. he has a trailer. our crew is reunited. head back to langley. my bike gives up at 2 km from home. the only bike to get through without any hitch at all is dez's (toms ran good tho for the record)

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