Thursday, November 12, 2009


Me and Mikee did some remembering yesterday

We went downtown to the Cenotaph first
Then headed over to the Seaforth Armoury

Where they have a room dedicated to my Dad and Grandpa

A famous picture in the Netherlands, of a Seaforth Highlander celebrating the end of the war, that was turned into a stamp

Saw lots of pictures of my Dad and Grandpa, but had never seen this one that was in the Seargents Mess


Paula said...

What a great way to spend Remembrance Day!

"Mother" said...

Wow i never knew ?........So cool i want to have a beer in the anderson room !

Motorcycho said...

My grandpa had some crazy war stories... I got a bunch of his stuff from WW1!... my dad wasn't in the war but was a General!... Heck even old Norman did a stint in the Military!