Friday, December 18, 2009

Mooneyes Xmas Gathering

Well... it rained! and when it rains in S.Cal, seems like there are little rivers everywhere. But... even with the wetness, there were still lots of neat cars to oogle at!

This Truck Diesel powered hotrod ruled. Did hourly burnouts with smoke pouring from the tyres and the smoke stack!

Matt called me a Wanker and a Poofter, I think they were compliments!

Dynotones were amazing! Did I hear correctly that the drummer played with The Lively Ones?

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750 Chris said...

I saw that crazy hot rod on TV the other day. I guess its made from all sorts of farm equipment and the motor is a twin turbo with a hand crank starter. The truck that carries the car is all decked out in farm style too.
thanks for the pics Norman.