Friday, June 18, 2010

Villain Kustoms

I have a small home garage based business, (Villain Kustoms), specializing in Triumph Bobbers, on Vancouver Island. Courtenay, BC, Canada. These are not spit shined, trailer queen, belly button bikes. They are built to ride, barebones, nothing you don't need. Anyways here are a few pics, I have many more high quality shots as well, but just to give an idea.... Thanks again guys, hope she is worthy!!! Kane McAffer


splittheearlyyears said...

Cool Trumpet's

Unknown said...

dig the bike ! i have a 1971 650 that aint stock but is in good enough shape that i can NOT touch the frame,being a big guy ,6 foot 240 i need to go longer and lower. do you know anyone that makes a roller for this bike???