Monday, March 21, 2011

Stinky Bob

In case you haven't seen (or smelled) Stinkybob recently, here's a few pics.
A real old school ratbike isn't made in somebody's back yard last week, it's an evolved thing that has a lot of years and a lot of miles behind it. Behold Stinkybob- a real, 1976 old school rat ridden by a real person for real reasons, pretty much every fuckin' day all year long. Runs on a mix of diesel and gasoline, one litre diesel to every gallon of gas. No two stroke oil. Something like 75 mph, 90 mpg. Lovely.


Unknown said...

aye up rex glad you are still stinking around...

thetruthwillout said...

Love the video and the sound

PHM said...

Rex is a real person?

Oh! I get it now - good one!