Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dirty Girls

Took 2 of my girls out dirt riding the last few days. More sickle fun times!!

and this from my wife:
yep..that's what I was doing...learning to feel comfortable with bumpy, soft, squishy, muddy, dirty, wet, unwieldy terrain. Bumping, scraping, tipping, shaking...exhausting, exciting and daring at the same time. The challenge of a chicane in sand, a puddle over my ankles or a hill that required a thought of "throttle, throttle, throttle"...was my Tuesday. I love the road...shifting, twisting, leaning the bike at 60 or even 50 degrees emotes bravado and amazement at the science of motion. Sand, gravel, peat, dirt and mud require more muscle and courage. Being tossed around and shaken like a martini left my arms weak and was it any surprise that as I mustered bravery for the end, rose to the challenge - mastering both down and upward slopes and took a dip in the pond to cool off? That's my story...

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