Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Let's Ride

"To much pipe smoking not enough riding" That's what Big Dan said anyhow so a Manster roll was declared. Thx to all involved in showing us some great backroads in Mission, BC. WOW! A few lessons learned: If you are a car on a twisty road and Jay gets behind you... PULL OVER. Figures the only breakdown was the Harley. If the road is a great road - turn around and do it again! It doesn't matter what you ride - just ride! And for those who ate the questionable burgers... Dan says "No Refunds"

"let's turn around and do that again!"

You can't see it but Dave has the biggest grin going!

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Man in Black

You can wear pink when you ride a sickle like this!

Xian rolling the steep hill

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Pouty Rick


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