Thursday, June 5, 2014


DirtQuake far exceeded any expectations! The people, the bikes, the attitude, the weather, the racing. It was great to finally meet people who we've only had contact through social media. For myself that was the most rewarding part of the whole adventure - people like Bixby Andrew, Travis Newbold, Dave Arnold, Anthony Co-Built, Conway the record store guy, Michael Lichter and so many others. Probably one of those experiences that won't be easily duplicated for a while! Thx Thor and Gary for such a great event... DQCanaduh?

Street legal XR750!

Functional trophies

Killer Chop


Viva the Commonwealth

13 for Motorcyco

Cory was ruling!

Such a crazy show... thx to the free beer!

Canaduh Compound

Late night impromptu flattrack racing

Speed sticker

Perfect setup!

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747 said...

Well said! Well done! Cheers!