Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tank Bags

I love tank bags! 
If I was to pick just one means of storage on a bike it would be a tankbag... 
heck I've even used them not on bikes! 
Tank Bags rule

Pretty much most of the TankBags I've used over the years are swap meet finds
Usually old, not super functional like the modern day bags, but still useful
I'm thinking because of this tank bag fetish, my wife is also a big fan.
She never rides without one!

So when the online store MOTORCYCLE HOUSE 
gave me the opportunity to try out their website, I did! 
But what did I want?
I looked at Helmets and Boots and Gloves
but didn't really have a need for anything new.
 Christmas was around the corner so my thoughts now turned 
to what could I get my wife... One look at her cheap tankbag
my mind was made up!

The Tourmaster Select Tank Bag
was perfect for her.
Not too big, lots of little compartments, nice style and good magnets 
(her old one would also slide down)

After receiving it in the mail
(free shipping over 89$)
I decided I needed to give it a test run first

Tank bag fit perfectly on the Champ.

Bedroll and Map in place, just needed to load up Tank Bag
with over night essentials and would be ready to take off

Essentials loaded with room to spare!

A fouled plug and slow leak pretty much ended the adventure before it began but...
The point of the story is:
Tank Bags Rule!

There are lots of great on-line web stores to shop for all your motorcycle needs.

You might want to check out
next time you need something
for you or your bike!