Thursday, June 8, 2017

Kootenay Loop

Myself and the Mrs roamed the Kootenays last week on the small bikes.
She rode her CM250. I left a 2 stroke haze with my RD400.
The calm before the storm... rad little restaurant in the middle of nowhere

The Storm... so rainy the road was like a river.
Still had 100 kms to go and no rain gear.
our jackets weighed 50lbs by the time we got to our destination!

Almost turned around the next day but fortunately we continued on.
Kootenay Lake Road... best MC road in BC. we had 70km of beauty with no cars!

Leaving Creston we climbed and climbed.
Took a break at the frozen lake!

Sasquatch selfie

$10 Dinner!

1000 kms of awesomeness with my favourite riding partner!

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