Thursday, September 7, 2017

BC or Bust

My wife and I did a small road trip around BC, exploring some of the towns and roads we have never seen or been on. We also used the journey to explore possible places we wouldn't mind moving too down the road.  For stop was 100 Mile House. We decided to take the more scenic route which meant up through Whistler and Pemberton and the famed Duffy Lake road.

Just past Lillooet and heading towards 100 Mile House.

Next Stop Williams Lake. Was very tempted to head towards Bella Coola but will save that for another day. Took a break in Williams Lake and decided to see if I could find my friends tattoo shop.
Who has ever heard of anyone being in a tattoo shop at 10 in the monring but was glad to meet up with Brian at his shop, Praing Mantis Tattoo. No time for a tattoo... gotta keep rolling.

Just before Williams Lake at 150 Mile House you could really see the devastation 
from the fires that have been plaguing BC all summer long. 

On our way from Jasper to Hinton we hit a major highway closure due to an accident.
A little road side crib helps make the time pass!

Been wanting to do the Icefield Parkway road from Japser to Banff for a while
We encountered all the elements on this road: sun, rain, ice, fire and wind!

About as close as we could get. Was interesting to see the markers as to 
where the ice had been in previous years! 

Seems like more than a few kids have died from falling into crevasses!

Radium Hot Springs. This was some dudes crazy house!

3000 KMs and lots a rad towns that make us think "we could live here"
My wife took more pictures than me... Perhaps an update when I can gain access to her camera!

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