Thursday, September 8, 2011

Snake River

I can remember a motorcycle cop friend of my dads taking me to the Pacific Coliseum to watch the "Pay-per-view" Live broadcast of the Snake River Jump. It was one of the greatest days of my life! First we went to the cop shop and I got to sit on Harleys for about an hour while he did some paperwork. Then to the Big Screen broadcast.. WOW! Actually I don't remember much about the event except I was positive he made it over the canyon - but the wind blew him back.
Last year the VCMC were playing a show at a local club and a girl came up to me afterwards and said her uncle was in the boat that rescued Evel from the rocks where the X2 had crashed. I wanted to find out more but she disappeared.
Heading to Bonneville next week, will be passing thru Twin Falls on the way there. Plan to take a moment at the monument celebrating this most momentous of occasions!!! Viva Evel!

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