Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Me and most of my family are getting ready to embark on an Australian adventure to visit my oldest daughter who is now living in Melbourne!  Christmas in Summer! Cricket matches, surfing, and even some Sickle riding! Anyone have any Melbourne bike connections or know of anything going on in the month of December, let me know! Eventually I will be looking for a bike to leave down there for when we come and visit. The MFP is looking pretty good to me right now!


MotorParade said...

Have a lot of fun Down Under!

Motorcycho said...

thx!!! and if you know of any Melbourne hookups let me know!!!

Tex said...

I can't think of any events in December. The last vintage enduro for 2013 took place near Melbourne on Dec 2, so you just missed that one. If I think of or hear about any other events I'll let you know.