Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Night Riders

Back in Issue 23 we had this article from AK who was telling us about a buddy who had befriended an elderly lady while riding around USA in the 80's

So I got this guy on the phone.
He´s nobody from the pictures. He is younger. But he´s the one who had the 
And here is his little story that I think should go with´em.
He´s from Germany too.
Back in the 80´s he was a young rockabilly kid.
And of course America was his land of dreams and he always thought about 
making a living there.
So he just went there with hardly any money bought a cheap motorcycle 
(Goldwing from 76) and cruised the country.
In Las Vegas he stopped at a restaurant and asked if there was a camping 
ground around.
The people couldn´t help him much. But a friendly lady about 60 years old 
told him he might as well put up his tent in her garden. She wouldn´t mind.
Now I don´t know too much about the states but in Germany that is not the 
typical reaction from an older lady to young stranger on a motorcycle.
It is funny to think she was scared or something.
Funny because that lady was the one on these pictures. And it turned out 
that she had spend half her life with people riding bikes and riding 
motorcycles herself.
So she and that young cat from Germany became friends for many years. 
Actually they still are. Even though he is in back in Germany and she is 
about 85? years now.
Anyway it turned out that she had a lot of cool stories to tell and cool 
pictures to show about her life. I don´t remember it all but these pictures 
are only one chapter in a long interesting lifestory.
Even in the forties she hung out with motorcycle people.
These pictures are from the late 50´s early 60´s.
She hung out with a bunch of younger folks, members of the motorcycle club 
"Night Riders" from San Francisco.

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Noot said...

Cool post ! I like how they put their pipes on - kinda pointed up. neat photos. This is what blogs are for. Educational and Inspirational. -Noot