Thursday, December 10, 2015

We Love Nardwuar

   It came to our attention last night that our good friend Nardwuar the Human Serviette suffered a stroke and is in the hospital recuperating. Sounds like it wasn't a serious one, but any stroke is serious enough to cause concern.
   Nardwuars band, Thee Evaporators, has been an integral part in my kids rock and roll schooling. For all 4, Thee Evaporators were their first live rock and roll experience. And, it doesnt get much better than a live Evaporators show!
   Two of my kids have been in Evaporator videos.
   I spent years sharing the airwaves with Nard on CiTR radio (101.9 FM Vancouver).  Helped Nard with many of his releases and gig posters. Heck, I still blame him for putting a stop to me buying the famous Evaporators Dune Buggy (He felt it necessary for it to stay in the "family")
   Get well Nardwuar! It has come to my attention that the newest member of our family has never seen you live... this MUST change!

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