Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Goodbye Oly?

Rumour has it that Olympia Beer is "pausing production".

I remember when I was a kid (late 70s) some buddies of mine (RRMC!) were planning a motorcycle trip during a beer strike. We realized finding beer was going to be an issue and Oly beer was the only beer that could be found in liquor stores (if found at all). So... other than sleeping bags and a cassette stereo, all we packed was Olympia beer. I think between 4 bikes we managed 8 cases of Oly!

and of course there was the Evel aspect of Olympia Beer that was appealing as a kid

Hope to see you again old friend!

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747 said...

Oh wow, What tragedy. I try to keep a positive outlook on this whole deal but when I hear news like this I can't help but feel that our rock floating around the sun is just headed to a less than peachy existence. Long live good cheap beer, Evel, Yamaha 500s, and McFuzzy butt!!!