Monday, November 8, 2010


I want to see if I can track this guy down!

Note: A quick google search and I'm pretty sure Dave has a shop in town called Redline specializing in Norton stuff ?!?


William Slicks said...

Norm the shop is called Redline Norton.
Its located at 3744 Hastings St in Burnaby
Contact them at (604) 299-8259

Word is Dave is still the owner.

I've never had a reason to go there, but have heard very good things about the shop.

Especially if you're a Norton guy....

"Mother" said...

He is crazy as hell !,,,,,,,be warned !

Sunshine Coaster said...

Agree with Mother... Dave is crazy as batshit. Absolutely brilliant with Nortons, Triumphs, etc, but really (really!) hard to work with... I've walked out of there several times wondering why I keep going back. If he wasn't so good at what he does, I wouldn't.