Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Plan B

I have been planning a ride down to the Mt. St. Helens area of Washington for years. Some great quiet, twisty roads around the mountain I have been wanting to ride. Trip planned. Cross the border and begin the backroads journey down. But.... After the first bit of twisty road, bike stutters, stalls, and dies. New bike covered in plastic and computer bits. Fortunately we weren't at the top of Mt. St. H. when this happened. A few hours later, with the help of our son and a truck, we are back home.
Plan B. Pack up the Pan and get the 250 Honda ready and instead we head over to the Island to do another road I have been wanting to do. Victoria to Port Renfrew to Lake Cowichan and all the little roads in between. Not the big ride I was hoping to do, but a good easy alternative. Our friend Jay lives along the route near Jordan River, but I cant get ahold of him so we make plans to crash at another friends place in Victoria. Last gas stop till Port Renfrew I make one more attempt to get ahold of Jay and he answers. Summer is busy for him and he is usually working with little time to ride, but he has the next day off and would love to ride with us... so we end up crashing at his new house for the night and get to ride together, finally, the next day. The Island rules for riding!

Broke down in Edison, Wa. within minutes we had people helping us out and offering us free food!

Jasons recently built new digs! WOW!

It got hot out!

Questionable but necessary gas stop

Thanks Jason for making our weekend Awesome!

(thought I had more pics handy, but must be on another camera... more to follow)

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