Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Long Weekend

It was a good long weekend! (Canaduh Thanksgiving). Weatherman was pretty much wrong again and the weather was pretty OK. Canucks hockey season began saturday, Turkey Dinner with family Sunday night, more family dinner stuff monday night, more hockey and football. Got to see my oldest daughter twice this weekend. Samee made cupcakes that were awesome. Mikee and me watched The Wild One Sunday night (I'm walking her through the classics of Biker movies). Sunday morning me and my son dusted off my old CB550 to see if we could fire the old girl up. It's been at least 10 years since this bike has been on the road. I've had it since new in 1977 (78?). Changed oil, installed carbs, hooked up a battery and... boom! Riding it around the backroads brought back many a good memory. Can't wait to see my son riding it!

After cleaning up I headed over to 5th Gear Motorcycles (thx Bill) to take part in Ramp Jumping Day. The TT500 was killer on the ramp. Wish I could've stayed longer but Turkey dinner was calling and my wrists were getting tired. Super fun day... and the Canucks won as well!

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MotorParade said...

Wow!! This TT is evil, here comes..... Motorcycho Knievel!!