Monday, October 4, 2010

Sikh MC

Me and Mikee did this years ToyRun. I haven't done it for a few years but in the past it has been a staple for my kids, each of the 4 taking a turn every year since when they could ride. So once again we head off early for what I know is gonna mostly generic bikes and alot of new leather. But it's still fun. The highlight this year had to be the 2 Sikh MC clubs that rolled in en masse! Helmet laws don't apply! One day I hope to go fro a ride with them!!


project said...

just throw on a turban! problem solved. Although, turbans don't protect your handsome face after you've been pitched over the hood of a car at 50 k!


You Peace of a shit you Don't even have the idea what you talking about all you know is to comment , no matter if it is bullshit like you or not. A Singh with TURBAN is SIKH we don't to protect our self we were created to protect others ,so better care for your face ,as i believe you wont be able to bear even one punch of a SIKH,So do a favor to yourself,SHT THE FUCK UP.....!