Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Evel Beer

Special Edition Ale - Limited Quantities
The taste of True Evel™ Daredeveil Ale embodies an Evel Knievel performance - a brief thrill becomes a memorable experience.
True Evel™ Daredeveil Ale is craft beer brewed in small batches. The beer is a full-bodied ale that pours a brilliant red-brown backed by a malty richness and rounded out with a classic hop flavor and distinct clean finish. This limited edition beer comes in large 22 ounce bottles with an alcohol content of 7.2% alcohol/volume. Enjoy one today.

4 - 22 oz bottles - $38 delivered.
6 - 22oz bottles - $49 delivered.
12 - 22oz bottles - $73 delivered.
To order True Evel™ Daredeveil Ale call Clubs of America
1-800-800-9122 (9am - 5pm Central Time, M-F)

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